Here are some particularly pertinent videos featuring our members and others.

These clips provide some raw footage sneak previews of some of the world-class experts appearing in AE911Truth’s upcoming documentary “9/11: Explosive Evidence – Experts Speak Out.”

Mark Basile 9/11: Explosive Testimony Exclusive

    • 9/11 Explosive Testimony Exclusive


David Chandler North Tower Videos

    • North Tower Exploding

    • Downward Acceleration of the North Tower

David Chandler South Tower Videos

    • South Tower Smoking Guns

    • South Tower Exploding Projectile

David Chandler WTC7 Videos

    • WTC7 Free Fall: No Longer Controversial

    • WTC7: Sound Evidence for Explosions

Frank Legge The Pentagon Plane

In this talk, during the 2009 AE911Truth Hard Evidence Tour Down Under, Frank Legge argues the double negative, that there is not sufficient evidence to prove that AA77 did not hit the Pentagon. At that early stage in the research he was not yet prepared to argue that the evidence proved AA77 did in fact hit the Pentagon, but the fact that we could not prove that it did not hit the Pentagon made it dangerous to the 9/11 Truth Movement to assert that it did not.  (Frank’s position on this topic continued to evolve as research by himself and others continued.)

Ken Jenkins The Pentagon Plane Puzzle

Two complementary videos are combined here in the order that they were presented at the 9/11 Truth Film Festival in Oakland, CA, on Sept 10, 2015. The first video is a preview of the witness section of a forthcoming film by Ken Jenkins titled “The Pentagon Plane Puzzle”. It features video testimony by 30 of the 180 known witnesses to the Pentagon event.

That is followed by a PowerPoint presentation by David Chandler titled “Going Beyond Speculation–A Scientific Look at the Pentagon Evidence”. In post-production, Ken Jenkins of 9/11 TV, who videotaped David’s presentation, added many additional graphics to the live presentation. David Chandler’s presentation starts at 26:40.

Concise video summary of Wayne Coste’s research on the evidence at the Pentagon

This 35 minute video presents the major findings of the series of videos found here.  This is an effort to lift the Pentagon discussion out of the contentious “free-for-all” it has become and onto a solid scientific footing.

Experts Speak Out (featuring several members of Scientists for 9/11 Truth, among others)

    • 9/11 Explosive Testimony: Experts Speak Out (58 min PBS Documentary version)