Stephen Rowcliffe

Present or Most Recent Position: Teacher of Biological Science at high school level.

Fields: Biology, Education, Science Communication

Degrees and Schools: BSc Biology, University of Bristol, England, 1996; MA Education, The Open University, 2004; MSc Science Communication, The Open University, 2010.

Statement on 9/11: “The WTC collapse question calls for an open debate amongst rational scientific minds, coupled with independent and unimpeded practical scientific enquiry subject to a rigorous peer review process. I feel that NIST has too many vested interests and political connections, and I find their conclusions unsatisfying. It is time for an independent review of the existing evidence, with new lines of research, which is what I believe this organisation can provide. We must not espouse any radical conspiracy theory, any political affiliation or make any claims that cannot be substantiated by empirical evidence, otherwise we risk losing all credibility.”

Additional Information: “I have taught International Baccalaureate Biology and Environmental Systems for nine years, both in the UK and at international schools. I work as an assistant examiner for the International Baccalaureate.”