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Alan Frank Aeschliman, Chemistry, BS Chemistry, California State University, Long Beach, CA
Sterling D. Allan, Microbiology, BS Microbiology, Brigham Young University, 1987
Hummux Anax, Physics, PhD Physics, Case Institute
Mark Basile, Chemical Engineering, BS Chemical Engineering, Worcester Polytechnic
Stanley A. Beattie, Physics, Engineering, B.S. Physics, College of the Holy Cross, Worcester, Massachusetts, 1959
Anders Björkman, Naval Architecture & Marine Engineering, M.Sc, Naval Architecture & Marine Engineering, Chalmers University of Technology, Gothenburg, Sweden, 1969
J. A. Blacker, Physics, Mechanical Engineering M.Sc. Semiconductor Device Physics, University of Lancaster, 2004
Bernd Borchert, Mathematics PhD, Mathematics, 1999, Heidelberg University
Dennis L. Bricker, Applied Mathematics, Industrial Engineering, BS, MS Mathematics, University of Illinois; MS, PhD Industrial Engineering and Management Science, Northwestern University
Chris Burnett, Computer Science, Chemistry, Paleoceanography, BS Chemistry, UCSD
Kelli Callahan, Forensic Science, MS Forensic Science,
James R. Carr, Geological Engineering, PhD Geological Engineering, University of Arizona, 1983
Bruce Robert Champion, Biology, Chemistry, MSc (Curtin University, Perth, Western Australia), BA Dip Ed (Macquarie University, Sydney, New South Wales)
David S. Chandler, Physics, Mathematics, MS Mathematics, California Polytechnic University, BS Physics/Engineering, Harvey Mudd College
Jonathan Cole, Civil Engineering, Bachelor of Science, Civil Engineering, University of Connecticut (UCONN), 1979
Giacomo Consalez, Neurogenetics, MD, Degree in Medicine (cum laude), University of Milan, Italy, 1984
John N. Cooper, Chemistry, PhD Chemistry, University of California, Berkeley, 1964
Wayne H. Coste, Electrical Engineering, BS Electrical Engineering, University of Connecticut, 1977
Dwain A. Deets, Physics, Aeronautics ME School of Engineering and Applied Science, UCLA; MS Physics, San Diego State College

A.K.Dewdney, Mathematics, Physics, PhD Mathematics and Physics, University of Waterloo
Dane Dormio, Physics, BA Physics, Hendrix College
Timothy E. Eastman, Plasma Physics, Space Physics PhD Physics/Geophysics, University of Alaska, 1979
Georg Feigl, Anatomy, Medical Doctor, Medical University of Graz, 1997; Habilitation, 2009
Robert T. Fischer MLT(ASCP)cm, Staff scientist, Cardiovascular section, DuPont Pharmaceutical’s Discovery Research
Division; Clinical Laboratory Scientist with Saint Louis Cord Blood Bank
Michael Fullerton, Psychology/Computer Science, BSc Psychology/Computer Science, University of Calgary, 1995
Francesc R. Garcia-Gonzalo, Biochemistry, PhD Biochemistry, University of Barcelona, 2005
Freddy (Fred E.) Gardiol, Physics, Electrical Engineering, Doctorate in Applied Science from Louvain University, Belgium, 1969
Crockett Grabbe, Physics, PhD Applied Physics, California Institute of Technology, 1978
Derrick P. Grimmer, Physics, PhD Condensed Matter Physics, Washinton University, St. Louis, 1973
David Griscom, Physics, PhD Physics, Brown University, 1966
William C. Hammel, Theoretical/Mathematical Physics, PhD Theoretical/Mathematical Physics, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, WI
Martin Hanson, Zoology, B.S. Honours Zoology, University of Manchester, 1964
Graham Harris, Physics, PhD Physics
Steven Thomas Hatton, Computer Science, BS Computer Science, University of Maryland University College, 1998
Jim Hoffman, Software Engineering and Computer Science, MFA, University of Massachusetts
Timothy P. Howells, Computer Science, PhD Computer Science, Edinburgh University
Joel A. Huberman, Biochemistry, PhD Biochemistry and Chemistry, California Institute of Technology, 1967
Arkadiusz Jadczyk, Physics, PhD Theoretical Physics, University of Wroclaw
Ken Jenkins, Electrical Engineering, BS Electrical Engineering, Carnegie-Mellon University, 1969
Eugene (Gene) Johnson, Mechanical Engineering, BS Mechanical Engineering, South Dakota School of Mines and Technology, 1964
Steven E. Jones, Physics, PhD Physics, Vanderbilt University
Founding Member
Steven D. Kalavity, Geophysics, Mathematics, Geodesy, BS Solid Earth Geophysics, New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology
Adam Kemp, Mathematics, BSc Mathematics, University of Nottingham (UK)
Peter Michael Ketcham, Mathematics, Master of Science, Mathematics, June 1997, University of Minnesota
Jan Kjellman, Physics, PhD Nuclear Physics, Stockholm University
Bradley E. Kowalski, Computational Science, Electrical Engineering, BSc Computational Science, University of Saskatchewan
Kenneth Kuttler, Mathematics, PhD Mathematics, University of Texas at Austin
Normand Laberge, Civil Engineering, PhD Materials Science, Catholic University of America, 1973
Daniel LaLiberte, Computer Science, BS, University of Minnesota, Institute of Technology, 1978
John E. Lambert, Mechanical Engineering, B.S. Mechanical Engineering, University of Missouri – Rolla; 1970, MBA University of Michigan; 1974
Bradley R. Larsen, Geology, Mineralogy, Information Technology, MS Geology, University of Utah, 1989
Herbert G. Lebherz, Biochemistry, PhD Biochemistry, University of Washington, 1970
Rudy List, Mathematics, PhD Mathematics, University of Birmingham (U.K.), 1972
Curt Lively, Zoology, Ecology and Evolution, PhD Ecology and Evolution, University of Arizona, 1984
Craig Macdonald, Environmental Biology, PhD Environmental and Waste Management, University of the West of Scotland
Terry McKibbin, Radiochemistry, BA Chemistry Education, University of Northern Colorado, 1985
Gary McMurtry, Geology, Geophysics, PhD Geology and Geophysics, University of Hawaii at Manoa
Jack R. Meagher, Nuclear Engineering, Quality Engineering, BS Nuclear Engineering, Lowell Tech. Inst.- Umass at Lowell, 1972
Jon M. Menough, Chemistry, Civil Engineering, PhD Civil Engineering, University of Utah, 2008
Guthrie Miller, Physics, PhD Physics, Stanford University, 1970
Dennis Mitrzyk, Physics, BS Physics, Mathematics, University of Michigan
Josh Mitteldorf, Physics, PhD Physics, University of Pennsylvania, 1987
Terry Morrone, Physics, PhD Electrophysics, Polytechnic Instituite of Brooklyn, 1964
A. Hamid Mumin, Geoscience, PhD Economic Geology, University of Western Ontario, 1994
Dave Nelson, Mathematics, BS Mathematics, Mankato State College, MN, 1964
Ivan Němec, Civil Engineering, PhD Brno University of Technology in 2002
Matthew R. Orr, Biology, Ecology, PhD Population Biology, University of California, Davis
Carlo G. Ossum, Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, PhD Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, University of Copenhagen
Stephen Pheiffer, Biotechnology, BSc Hons. Zoology, Marine Biology, University of Cape Town, 1976
Peter R. Phillips, Physics, PhD Physics, Stanford University, 1961
Heather Reynolds, Plant Community Ecology, PhD Integrative Biology, University of California, Berkeley, 1995
Edward B. Rippy, Computer Science, BS Computer Science, California State University, Hayward
André Rousseau, Geophysics, Geology, State Doctor, Faculty of Sciences, Paris
Stephen Rowcliffe, Biology, Science Communication, BSc Biology, Bristol University, England 1996
Peter Hans Santschi, Chemistry, PhD Chemistry, University of Berne, Switzerland, 1975
Christian Schladetsch, Computer Science, Information Systems Science and Engineering, RMIT
Rick Shaddock, Natural Science, Computer Science, B.Sc. Natural Science, Computer Science, Colgate University, 1978; MA Education, Maharishi University of Management, 1981
Matthew Smith, Chemical Engineering, Bachelor of Engineering (Chemical), First Class Honours,
University of Sydney, 1985
Robert J. Stern, Applied Mathematics, MS Applied Mathematics, S.U.N.Y. at Binghamton
Paul Strube, Science Education, PhD, University of Tasmania
Tony Szamboti, BS Mechanical Engineering, Villanova University, 1990
Calan K. Taylor, Chemistry, Physics, BS Chemistry/Physics, University of Oregon, 2003
Peter Ulric Tse, Cognitive Neuroscience, BA Physics/Mathematics, Dartmouth College, 1980-84; PhD, Psychology, Harvard University, 1992-1998
Martin Walter, Mathematics, PhD Mathematics, University of California, Irvine
Kip Warner, Artificial Intelligence, Software Engineering, BSc Cognitive Systems, University of British Columbia, 2007
Lon Waters, Applied Mathematics, PhD Applied Mathematics, University of New Mexico, 1994
William A. Watson, Computer Science, Law BS Information Technology, Chancellor University, 2003
Gary Welz, Mathematics, MSc Mathematics, London University, England
William B. Willers, Zoology, PhD Zoology, Colorado State university, 1967
Corey Wright, Biology, BS Biology and Environmental Analysis, Warren Wilson College, 2001
John D. Wyndham, Physics, PhD Physics, Cambridge University, U.K., Founding Member
Robert Bowman, 1934 – 2013, Aeronautics, Nuclear Engineering, PhD Aeronautics and Nuclear Engineering, California Institute of Technology, 1966
Frank Legge, 1933 – 2016 Chemistry, PhD Chemistry, University of Western Australia, 1983, Founding Member
Lynn Margulis, 1938 – 2011, Genetics, PhD Genetics, University of California, Berkeley, 1963