Rudy List

Present or Most Recent Position: Retired

Fields: Mathematics

Degrees and Schools: PhD Mathematics, University of Birmingham (U.K.), 1972; MS Mathematics, University of Michigan, 1966; BS Mathematics, University of Michigan, 1964.

Statement on 9/11: “Like most people, stunned by the events of 9/11, I took at face value the story that ‘terrorists’ had somehow managed to get extremely lucky, but sometime in late 2002 a friend told me about the third collapse. At first I thought I was unaware of that, because I don’t watch TV, but my friend assured me that almost nobody knew about it, because the main stream media essentially buried it. When I saw a video of Building 7 collapsing – a textbook perfect example of controlled demolition – I accepted the hypothesis of demolition as an all but established fact. The wealth of irrefutable evidence that has accumulated since then confirms that view beyond reasonable doubt.”

Additional Information: “I taught mathematics at various universities from 1968 until 1987, including a year at the University of Mosul in Iraq, and half a year in Zambia as the inaugural member of an exchange program between the University of Zambia and the University of Birmingham (U.K.). In 1987 I abandoned academics and turned to software engineering. I retired in 2002.”