Robert T. Fischer MLT(ASCP)cm

Most Recent Position: Retired in 2017, from position as a Clinical Laboratory Scientist with Saint Louis Cord Blood Bank

Fields: Medical Technology, Biochemistry, Pharmacology, FAA A&P Mechanic, FAA Private Pilot

Degrees and Schools: Associates in Applied Science; Clinical Laboratory Technology, May 18 th 2012, Saint Louis Community College
ASCP Board Certified Medical Laboratory Technician

Statement on 9/11: 

Realizing that manifold inconsistencies were evident in the official account of 9/11 initiated my interest to explore the circumstances of that day. I became a confirmed 9/11 Truth advocate when I learned that the perpetrators tried to defy the law of gravity. For a period of time I assisted the efforts of the Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth group in their efforts, working on their video team.

Also, since 9/11 I have researched how the 9/11 events are part of a larger historical context.  Conspiracy Research Links:

2009 American Society of Criminology Presentation Program entry:

2009 American Society of Criminology Published Abstract:

Additional Information:

My career path had started off in aviation as an aircraft mechanic in the early 1970s but a few years later I switched to the biomedical research field. Having held research assistant positions in the Pathology, Biochemistry and Pharmacology Departments at the University of Missouri Medical School prepared me for the opportunity to join DuPont’s newly forming pharmaceutical division in 1983. Initially starting as a research technician and then later promoted to staff scientist, in the Cardiovascular section of DuPont Pharmaceutical’s Discovery Research Division. At the age of 60 I returned to school, including a one year internship, to obtain a certification to hold a medical laboratory position. Upon gaining that certification I held a position as a Clinical Laboratory Scientist with Saint Louis Cord Blood Bank. Responsible for the isolation, characterization and banking of hematopoietic adult stem cells from umbilical cord blood for clinical cellular therapies and research. Also, as one of two members of the Cellular Therapy Section, responsibilities included the preparation of hematopoietic stem cell products for transplant into pediatric recipients at Cardinal Glennon Children’s Medical Center. Additional responsibilities included the maintenance of quality standards for all stem cell product
components utilized in clinical therapies. At the age of 65 I retired in September 2017.

Currently as a retiree I have helped to support my community as a high school substitute teacher, a volunteer fireman and am trained as an EMR first responder.

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