Rick Shaddock

Present or Most Recent Position: Computer consultant. Executive Director of www.ANETA.org. Association for Nine Eleven Truth Awareness.

Fields: Natural Science, Computer Science

Degrees and Schools: B.Sc. Natural Science with minor in Computer Science, Colgate University, 1978; MA Education, Maharishi University of Management, 1981.

Statement on 9/11: “There are other explanations for the experiences and evidence from 9/11, which need to be checked out with a proper criminal investigation. For example, Remote Control Take Over (RCTO) of the original Boeings, and crashing them into buildings with explosives planted during their construction projects, could produce the same crash debris and DNA results. Through the window of science we see the dawn of an age of enlightenment, exposing the war profiteers, and achieving world peace.”

Additional Information: “I have a Master of Arts in Education from M.U.M. in 1981, and did my thesis on Critical Thinking and EEG.”

Websites: Shaddock Research

Association for Nine Eleven Truth Awareness

Speaker: Rick Shaddock