Peter R. Phillips

Present or Most Recent Position: Emeritus Professor of Physics, Washington University

Fields: Physics

Degrees and Schools: BA Physics, Cambridge University, U.K. 1953; PhD Physics, Stanford University, California, 1961.

Statement on 9/11: “I believe I can trace my interest in the truth about 9/11 to my reading David Ray Griffin’s book about parapsychology and then searching for other books by him. How fortunate for me that these two profoundly important areas of investigation are linked by a single man.”

Additional Information: “I came to the USA in 1955, as a Procter Fellow at Princeton. In 1956 I went to Stanford and earned my PhD in high energy physics under Professor Panofsky. After two years at Argonne National Laboratory I moved to Washington University in St. Louis, where I have remained ever since.”

“Nothing I have done in physics can compare in importance to my realization that the claims of parapsychologists are, for the most part, correct. But I am not optimistic about the possibility that the mainstream (negative) view will change any time soon. It has prevailed for the last hundred years and seems likely to continue to do so. Parapsychology, in that sense, may be a doomed discipline, as my mentor Jule Eisenbud maintained.”