Michael Fullerton

Present or Most Recent Position: Software developer at CyberMatrix Corporation

Fields: Psychology/Computer Science

Degrees and Schools: BSc Psychology/Computer Science University of Calgary, 1995

Statement on 9/11: “The laws of physics can’t be violated no matter how powerful, how controlling you are. If history is any judge and the people truly responsible for 9/11 are not stopped and exposed, the ultimate consequences can be truly horrific. Science is the most important vehicle to understanding. It is the key to explaining what really happened on 9/11. Psychology is the key to understanding why people did 9/11, how they manipulated others into believing monumental lies and how to prevent them from inflicting future harm.”

Additional Information: “I am a software designer specializing in scheduling and other time management applications. I am also interested in aconscience personality disorders (psychopathy/sociopathy) and ponerology, the study of how evil develops on a large social scale.”


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