Mark Basile

Present or Most Recent Position: Principal Research Engineer, Waters Corp.

Fields: Chemical Engineering

Degrees and Schools: B.S. Chemical Engineering, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, 1986

Statement on 9/11: “In December 2007, Steven Jones spoke in Boston, MA. of the iron based microspheres and red/gray chips he had discovered in the WTC dust. The red layer exhibited the properties of a thermitic material. He put me in contact with a woman artist who had supplied him one of five different samples of dust looked at so far for these materials. She mailed me a sample which she labeled, dated and signed and I began to evaluate it. I can confirm the presence of nanothermite in this and another independently obtained sample of WTC dust. I will be looking at two new samples starting in May 2010.”

Additional Information: “I have 30 plus years experience in materials and process improvements for industries such as inkjet printing and analytical instrumentation. For the last 12 years I have worked in an advanced research group developing optically based chemical detectors.”