Josh Mitteldorf

Present or Most Recent Position: Research Associate, Department. of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, University of Arizona

Fields: Physics, Evolutionary Biology, Statistics

Degrees and Schools: PhD Physics, University of Pennsylvania, 1987

Statement on 9/11: “One of the strongest pieces of evidence that the Government’s account of 9/11 is flawed has always been the way in which the Twin Towers fell. They fell straight down, not to the side. There was the sound of explosions in the basement reported by firefighters. The buildings fell in ‘free-fall’ time, the same time it would have taken a baseball dropped from the top of the buildings to hit the ground.”


How did the Three WTC Towers Fall? — A minimum time for “pancaking” collapse

Author of 9/11 Commission Report: Don’t Believe Us

New Scientific Study: Smoking Gun Evidence of 9/11 Explosives in WTC Dust

Conspiracy Theorist!