Jon M. Menough

Present or Most Recent Position: Engineering consultant, remote water treatment projects

Fields: Chemistry, Civil Engineering

Degrees and Schools: PhD Civil Engineering, University of Utah, 2008; BES, MS Chemistry, University of Utah, 1968

Statement on 9/11: “I became aware of discrepancies in the official explanations of the 9/11 incidents shortly after the event. I was particularly impressed by the work of Dr. Stephen Jones in pointing out significant discrepancies. These questions still remain officially unresolved and cannot be ignored. It is not fair to the relatives and survivors of the 9/11 event nor to the rest of the country. The 9/11 event has led to many questionable actions by government officials, even leading to war with a country that had no direct involvement in that event. The official record needs to reflect the truth of what occurred, not what someone would like to believe. And that truth must be supported by the proper scientific evidence.”

Additional Information: “I have 25 years experience in the rubber product manufacturing business and the use of rubber products in the aerospace industry. In 1996, I began a new career, working for the State of Alaska in the sanitation field, focusing my attention on water and wastewater treatment in remote villages in Alaska.”