Jack R. Meagher

Present or Most Recent Position: Continual Improvement Engineer

Fields: Nuclear Engineering, Quality Engineering

Degrees and Schools: BS Nuclear Engineering (Lowell Tech. Inst. – UMass at Lowell, 1972) AS Nuclear Engineering Technology (Wentworth Institute, 1969)

Statement on 9/11: “My concern for the events of 9/11 started that day when we all witnessed two large buildings disintegrate before our eyes. Like many, I was overwhelmed with so much information that I put it in the back of my mind. In 2007 I came across the hole in the ground at Shanksville. Shortly after that I heard William Rodriquez speak live. That, and the awareness of WTC 7, started my full involvement in the 9/11 Truth Movement. Having met or heard speak individuals such as David Ray Griffin, Richard Gage and Steven Jones, reinforces our need to know the truth about the events of that day.”

Additional Information: “I have worked in the Nuclear Power industry, Investment Casting, Plastics, Ink Jet Printer and Microelectronics industries, and most recently for the Aerospace industry. I have a strong interest in the field of Quality and structured problem solving (Six Sigma Black Belt) and have presented at many such meetings”.