Edward B. Rippy

Present or Most Recent Position: Tutor (Mathematics and Statistics)

Fields: Computer Science

Degrees and Schools: BS Computer Science, MS Educational Psychology (emphasis Statistics), California State University, Hayward

Statement on 9/11: “As a peace activist and researcher I had come to understand how the U.S. depends on war to keep its political-economic system running in the face of increasing popular dissent. When 9/11 happened I immediately thought “Oh no, this is just what they were looking for!” When my government invaded Afghanistan and the opium trade rebounded to record levels I knew something was up. And publication of Robert Stinnett’s “Day of Deceit” revealing the Roosevelt administration’s deliberate provocation and shepherding of the attack on Pearl Harbor gave me the historical precedent.”

Additional Information: “Presenter at Intl. Conf. on Critical Thinking in Education, board member East Bay Peace Action, reporter for radio news outlets (KPFA Radio News, Free Speech Radio News, and the National Radio Project).”

Website: ERippy