Bruce Robert Champion

Present or Most Recent Position: High School Chemistry/Science Teacher

Fields: Biology, Chemistry

Degrees and Schools: MSc (Curtin University, Perth, Western Australia); BA Dip Ed (Macquarie University, Sydney, New South Wales)

Statement on 9/11: “David Chandler’s excellent 9/11 video analysis demonstrated that WTC 7 was in free fall with zero resistance and therefore there had to have been a controlled demolition. His analysis of the downward acceleration of the North Tower showed that the official explanation for gravitational collapse could not be correct. Reading the paper “Active Thermitic Material Discovered” by Niels Harrit et al (2009) was the clincher for me. As a chemistry teacher who has demonstrated the thermite reaction to his students, I was aware of its potential to cut through steel and produce molten metal. I am now convinced by the large body of scientific evidence pointing to an inside job with advanced planning and a systematic cover-up. Congratulations to the scientists who are using their skills in physics and chemistry to get to the truth.”

Additional Information: High school science teacher since 1978 (senior Biology, Chemistry and Physics). Senior Education Officer at Taronga Zoo Education Centre, Sydney (1989-1990) and Senior Education Officer, Science Consultant for the North Coast Region of New South Wales (1991-1992). Full-time Lecturer at Southern Cross University (2007), tutor in Science Education for post-graduate Dip.Ed. students training to be Science teachers (2006-2010).