The following policies are used to guide the activities on this site. The policies and procedures adopted by this site are subject to change. The current policies and procedures were first established on 03/20/13 and last changed on 05/27/13.


The designated moderator(s) will have the final decison on all matters, but will strive for an open process that involves the moderator panel and the community at large. If necessary, additional moderators will be selected by vote of the current moderator(s), with input from the moderator panel.

Moderator Panel

The moderator panel members are selected and invited by the designated moderator(s) to participate.

Acceptance of Papers

The moderators reserve the right to accept or reject any paper. Their focus will be on papers exhibiting substantial research, and the author's previous work and experience will be taken into account in their decision to list.

However, the moderators will aim to err on the side of listing rather than rejection if the paper submitted has any redeeming features or if the topic itself is important enough for consideration. If a paper is accepted but could benefit from editing, the moderators will notify the author(s) before listing, or by way of the paper's discussion page after listing.

Anonymous Authors

Papers by anonymous authors will generally not be accepted for listing. However, if a work is deemed to be of value, the authors may seek a known contributor to submit it on their behalf, or one of the moderators or a member of the moderator panel may sponsor the paper.

Acceptance of Comments

To keep discussions on track, only those comments that, in the moderators' opinion, materially reflect on the writing's accuracy and scientific integrity will be published . The moderators will not necessarily publish comments in their entirety, especially ones that are off subject, too long or filled with speculative and unsupported or questionable opinions. The moderators will decide what is in context and control the content. Comments that are succinct, germane, and directed to the scientific evidence are more likely to be published in their entirety.

Anonymous Comments

Comments and corrections by individuals, known to the moderators but who wish to remain anonymous, are accepted if deemed valid by the moderators and will be designated as anonymous. Additions to a paper's discussion page, based on anonymous comments by individuals not known to the moderators, will be attributed to the moderators.

Fair Use Discussion of Papers

Genuine scientists and researchers are comfortable when others display or promote their work. Constructive criticism, while uncomfortable at times, is needed to refine and clarify an issue. To that end, this site aims to discuss and critique papers according to the principles of fair use.


Ad hominen attacks, crude language, and libelous remarks are not permitted in papers or in comments. If arguments are not based on fact, authors should be prepared to reasonably substantiate their opinions.


Anyone, author or contributor, can contact the moderator(s) or a moderator panel member to resolve a dispute. In case of an unresolved dispute, the moderators will seek the advice of the moderator panel and possibly open the discussion to the community by way of the paper's discussion page.


This site and its URLs are currently owned by John D. Wyndham.