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Explanatory Note: March, 2013. This website considers all papers submitted to it for discussion. Unless indicated otherwise, the term "paper" is used in a general sense to include books, papers, articles, letters, and videos. All 9/11 areas are acceptable. Our initial focus is on the Pentagon event, an area that would benefit from resolution. See Pentagon. Check New Listings for recently listed papers and the Moderator Page for recent updates to the site.
March, 2018. Until further notice, this website is currently closed to new papers and discussions. However, comments on existing papers and enquiries are welcome.

Moderated Discussion of 9/11 Research Topics

For Papers and Other Writings Relating to the Events of September 11, 2001

This website was established to serve a need in the 9/11 truth movement for discussion of research writings according to principles laid down in the scientific method. Unless indicated otherwise, the term "paper" is used in a general sense to include books, papers, articles, letters, and videos.The concept is to discuss old and new papers in a forum open to all, but moderated so as to adhere to the principles of the scientific method. These principles include openness and scientific integrity.

For each paper selected by the website, or submitted by its authors, a moderator will be assigned to evaluate comments and generally guide the discussion, recording the results in a Discussion Page associated with the paper. A moderator panel of scientific professionals will oversee the discussion process and resolve disputes.

This website will choose and list for discussion substantial research papers. The website may also be used by authors who seek rapid dissemination and discussion of their writings.

Our aim is to provide:

Rapid Listing

Papers submitted to this site may be new and unpublished, or may already be published. Generally, papers are submitted by their authors or selected by the moderators. Selection by the moderators is based on significance or a perceived need for discussion, and is done in accord with the principles of fair use and scholarly reference for open discussion. Such usage does not imply any affiliation of the authors with this site.

Papers submitted to this site for listing will generally appear on the site within the following time frames:

During the above time periods, the moderators may query the author(s) by email. Failure by the author to respond promptly may delay listing. Acceptance for listing is a result of the moderators' opinion based on their own examination.

Open and Ongoing Discussion

All writings listed on this site are subject to open and ongoing discussion through comments by other researchers and readers. Based on the comments, the author(s) can submit a revised version of the writing. Frequent revisions are discouraged, but will be accepted in case of serious errors needing correction.

In listing a paper on this site the moderators do not necessarily endorse the paper's credibilty. The discussion process is open to the community of researchers and readers. In this process the role of the moderators is to not only discuss the writing but to monitor the discussion process to ensure scientific integrity on the part of both authors and contributors. The results of this process are recorded in a discussion page.

Ongoing discussion allows an author to make modifications to a paper based on discussion comments. Previous versions of a paper will be retained along with the comments.

Repository and Catalog

If a paper has not been referenced elsewhere, it will reside on this site. For papers that can be referenced elsewhere, this site will serve as a catalog and place for discussion using a link to the paper itself on another site.

Moderators and Moderators' Panel

Every effort will be made to obtain moderators who are scientifically qualified, both academically and by experience. This site is managed by one or more designated moderators who invite other qualified scientists and researchers to be part of the moderator panel. For the names of those scientists and others who are currently Designated Moderators and/or members of the Moderator Panel, see About Us.

Getting Started

Submitting a Paper

To submit a paper or article for listing and discussion, send it in Word form to this email address:

If the submission is a book, send a copy of the book via USPS (or other service) to this address:

If you are recommending a book for discussion but you are not the author, send the name of the book and where it may be purchased. However, the moderators do not guarantee the discussion of a book that must be purchased by them.

Comments and Corrections

Comments and corrections for papers listed on this site are welcome. Your comments will be considered by the moderators, and then posted on the paper's discussion page along with the moderator's comments. Only those comments that, in the moderators' opinion, materially reflect on the writing's accuracy and scientific integrity will be published (see Acceptance of Comments). Send comments to:

Submitting a Revised Version

Authors of papers may submit revised versions of their papers based on the discussion comments received at this site and from elsewhere. Please include a "Changes Made" page at the end of the paper to indicate what has been changed in the new version. The new version will be posted on this site. Prior versions will be retained and may be referenced from the discussion page for the current version.

Requesting Adjudication

Authors and other contributors who consider the moderator's decisions to be unsatisfactory should first contact the moderators with a clear statement of their concerns. If the issue is not resolved, the moderators may seek the assistance of the moderator panel, a guest moderator, or a guest contributor. In any case, the concerns will usually be published on this site for comment by others. If the concerns are connected with a particular paper, comments will appear on the paper's discussion page. Otherwise, comments will appear on the moderator page.

Many of the items in the menu at left on the home page are self-explanatory.

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