9/11 Pentagon Study Group

On May 4, 2019 Scientists for 9/11 Truth, along with the International Center for 9/11 Studies sponsored a Conference on the 9/11 Pentagon Evidence in Denver, CO, hosted by Colorado 9/11 Truth and cosponsored by Northern California 9/11 Truth Alliance, 911Truth.org, and Michael Wolsey of visibility911.org.  The conference was moderated by Frances Shure, of Colorado 9/11 Truth, and had five presenters, Ken Jenkins, David Chandler, Wayne Coste, Warren Stutt, and John D. Wyndham and a concluding panel discussion with Q & A.  For more description of the conference, see the original conference announcement which has been archived on the News page of the Scientists for 9/11 Truth web site.

Letter of Support from Steven Jones:

In May, 2019, Scientists for 9/11 Truth, along with the International Center for 9/11 Studies sponsored a conference in Denver, Colorado, to study the evidence of what actually hit the Pentagon on 9/11/2001. I have long been interested in this topic, and I regret that I was unable to attend the conference, but we will have video recordings of the proceedings, free for all to see!

I encourage you to study the available evidence with an open mind, as I have also done.

By 2006, based on my own studies of photographic evidence, I found that considerable damage is indeed found on either side of the entry-hole, consistent with the wing-span of a B-757 jet. I also listened attentively to the testimony of Norman Mineta, Secretary of Transportation at the time (Sept 2001). He told the 9/11 Commission in recorded testimony that the progress of the jet was being told to VP Dick Cheney, as the jet approached DC area. That NOTHING was done to try to divert or intercept this plane is an indictment of VP Cheney, in my opinion – there was plenty of time to DO SOMETHING.

Three months after my reluctant early retirement from BYU, the same administrators who had put me on Administrative Leave turned around and gave Dick Cheney an Honorary PhD Degree – for public service (in April 2007).

There is a great deal yet to be learned about the Pentagon hit and various actions that surround it. I now plan to listen to/study the video recordings of the proceedings of this conference, and I urge you to do likewise.

Dr. Steven E. Jones, Professor of Physics (early-retired)

Video Record of the Conference on the 9/11 Pentagon Evidence

Introduction by Frances Shure (BitChute; YouTube)

Screening of “9/11 Evidence at the Pentagon: Summary” by Wayne Coste and David Chandler (BitChute; YouTube)

Screening of “The Pentagon Plane Puzzle (preview – ver 3)” by Ken Jenkins (BitChute; YouTube)

Ken Jenkins—How We Got Here (BitChute; YouTube)

David Chandler—The Approach Path (BitChute; YouTube)
[Concluding with the video, “Seeing the Pentagon Plane”  (BitChute; YouTube)]

Wayne Coste—Impact (BitChute; YouTube)

Warren Stutt—The Flight Data Recorder (BitChute; YouTube)

John D. Wyndham—Alternative Hypotheses (BitChute; YouTube)

Panel Discussion with Q & A, moderated by Frances Shure (BitChute; YouTube)

(Summary version of the conference containing 3 of the 5 talks, produced by Ken Jenkins for the Oakland 9/11 Film Festival.)