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Two new videos by Scientists members:

Flight 93, by Ken Jenkins


CIT: Deceptive Interview of Sgt. William Lagasse, by David Chandler


This video is based on highlights of an article on the same topic posted on the Pentagon tab at https://911speakout.org.
CIT (Citizens Investigation Team) claims to have based their flyover theory on interviews of eyewitnesses videotaped at the locations where they observed the events of 9/11.  The most prominent interview was of Pentagon Police Sgt. William Lagasse.  David Chandler’s article and this video show that deception was involved in this interview, invalidating it as scientifically acceptable evidence and calling into question the legitimacy of CIT as a serious truth-seeking enterprise.

An analysis of a second CIT interview, a phone interview of Albert Hemphill, who worked as a civilian employee at the Navy Annex, directly across from the Pentagon impact point, is presented on the same web page.  Albert Hemphill was looking out a large window directly facing the Pentagon at the time of impact.  The article is presented with interspersed audio clips from the lengthy conversation.  The full audio of the CIT interview and two followup interviews by Jeff Hill, and transcripts of all three interviews are included.

Both Albert Hemphill and William Lagasse testify to a large plane, the size of a Boeing 757, flying through the path of the downed light poles and entering the Pentagon.