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On October 25, 2020, Colorado 9/11 Truth held a Zoom Panel Discussion of the new video, AA Flight 77 at the Pentagon, by David Chandler. Panelists were David Chandler, Wayne Coste, Ken Jenkins, Warren Stutt, and John Wyndham. The discussion with Q&A is divided into two parts.

Part A:

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Part B:

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LBRY.tv / BitChute / YouTube

The high degree of correlation between the data in the AA77 Flight Data Recorder (FDR) and facts on the ground provides strong support for its authenticity and the identification of the plane that flew into the Pentagon as American Airlines Flight 77.

(See also, “Why We Expend Energy on Proving Large Plane Impact at the Pentagon” by David Chandler and Wayne Coste, http://911speakout.org/wp-content/upl…)

[FDR stands for Flight Data Recorder one of the “black boxes,” the other being the CVR: Cockpit Voice Recorder. Only the FDR was recovered in readable form from the plane that entered the Pentagon.]

Clarification of the reasoning for identifying the FDR as belonging to AA77:

  • The internal data in the FDR “identifies” the plane in terms of its recent history. It contains the entire last flight, start to finish, plus 11 prior flights for the same plane in the days leading up to 9/11. Those flights are a matter of public record. The total record in the FDR identifies the plane as AA77
  • Some have said the FDR does not contain the ID number of the plane in the file header. Warren Stutt has shown that other FDR data related to other air crashes also failed to include the ID numbers in the header that some have sought. (The aircraft and fleet ID ARE included in the body of the data.) This does not mean the data was faked. See Warren’s talk at the Denver Conference on the Pentagon Evidence: https://scientistsfor911truth.com/9-11-pentagon-study-group
  • Think about it: If this were a “propaganda version” of the FDR designed to portray a plane that wasn’t really there, why wouldn’t they have included an ID number to make it obvious? Why would they have made the last frame unreadable (by normal means) and the second to last frame corrupted? Why would they have programmed in the data drift rather than having the path go right to the hole? The bottom line is we had to work to pull the data out of a data set for a plane that went through a crash in which the FDR itself was dismembered in such a way that the last two frames were corrupted. As this video shows, the data we got matches the facts on the ground with amazing precision. This FDR “identifies itself” as AA77 and as the data for the plane that entered the Pentagon.